The Wishing Well




The Wishing Well


In the meadow stood a wishing well

A legacy set in stone

It had seen a century come and go

And now stood all alone.


An old and graceful home once stood

Near to the wishing well

And in the meadow stood a town.

Where city folk did dwell.


The children used to come here

They came most every day

To chase each other 'round the well

And lose themselves in play.


Young lovers once embraced here

Their souls so young and free

To cast their love into the well

And dream of things to be.


The families used to gather here

With small ones circled 'round

To cast their cares into the well

And send their wishes down.


The old ones once held hands here

So wrinkled, bent, and gray

To cast their thanks into the well

For one more precious day.


No one comes to visit now

The people went away

They're buried in the meadow

Where the children used to play.


But it seems that legend has it

When the moon is shining bright

The children chase each other

'Round the wishing well at night.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Photo by

 ©Marilyn Ferguson




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