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The Day the Angels Cried




The Day the Angels Cried


A twisted mind so full of hate

Went on a shooting spree

In blinded rage, he set the stage

As students tried to flee.


The campus halls were filled with fear

As panic set the pace

The look of terror could be seen

On each and every face.


A lad intent on doing harm

Broke through the morning light

Gune was ready, clips were full

Set up and armed to fight.


With evil in that young man's heart

And Satan in his soul

He opened fire, an act so dire

To feed a trouble soul.


A teacher there so brave and bold

Stood out like a bouquet

He ushered students safely out

Gave up his life that day.


The courage and the caring hearts

Found there within those walls

Emerged like flowers in the spring

And filled the stricken halls.


The thirty-two who had no clue

Were faculty and youth

Those left behind must search and find

Some logic to the truth.


A random act so mean and cruel

So senseless and so sad

Is bound to make us question why

Society, gone mad.


The tender souls, so young and bright

Are just a memory

Grief and tears are left behind

For friends and family.


Put to rest are college dreams

Of students in the dorm

Tossed and quickly swept away

Like ships out in a storm.


The ones who died are firmly etched

Into our memory

Like beams of light, they shine so bright

Upon a tranquil sea.


Just like the gentle waves that flow

Upon a distant tide

One hears the tender voice of God

The day the angels cried.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Above Photo Taken by:

©2007 Associated Press


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This poem written by "Marilyn Ferguson"

was written exclusively for

The Day the Angels Cried Memorial

April 16th, 2007 ~ In honor of the

Virginia Tech. Shooting Victims




"Where Have All

the Flowers Gone"







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