Springtime Wonder



Springtime Wonder


The sky has never looked so blue

Never a breeze so sweet

Flowers burst forth in brilliant array

As April come to greet.


The trees stand tall in their glory

Tender leaves cover limbs once bare

Yards filled with laughing children

Can you match the splendor there?


There is nothing quite as pleasant

As a walk in springtime hours

The bees even harmonize with life

As they drift among the flowers.


A golden rainbow after a storm

Beauty beyond compare

A taste of heaven here on earth

With green grass everywhere.


God softly whispers to us

As gentle rains caress

The countryside with drops of life

In such pure tenderness.


And if you listen close enough

I'm sure that He'll impart

The freshness of spring upon your soul

And a flower in your heart!


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic from:

Clip Art.com



Music: "Candle in the Wind"

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