Promise of Spring






Promise of Spring


The sky is dark and sullen

The trees look so forlorn

The days are short, a chill sets in

A winter day is born.


I yearn for spring so long ago

A day spent in the park

Among the blooming daffodil

The wren and meadowlark.


I long for gentle days of rain

A warm breeze in the air

The fragrance of a lilac tree

A day so ever fair.


Beneath the dead decaying leaves

A bud does wait anew

To reach its arms up to the sky

When winter days are through.


Beyond the bitter winds that blow

A breeze awaits to greet

To bring in sun-kissed goldenrod

And tender grass so sweet.


Just as the winter fades away

To this one hope I cling

Our God who brings the winter wind

Will surely bring the spring.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson

© 2006






Graphics is used with

the permission of:

Moon and Back Graphics




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