God's Fragrant Rose





God's Fragrant Rose


A lovely rose with leaves of green

Ascends upon the wall

With crimson red and floral spread

Does make one stand in awe.


A fragile thing, a breath of spring

Its petal doth enfold

A tiny bud so delicate

So beautiful to hold.


The perfume of its lingering scent

Does take my breath away

As sweet as lilacs on the bush

An intricate display.


A picturesque of summer bliss

Red roses on the vine

Doth lace its tender elegance

Around this heart of mine.


Could it be, God speaks to me

Through fragrance in the air

Am I not like the gentle rose

Wrapped in His loving care?


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Artwork is used with

the permission of:

Art by Beverley Lu



Music: "The Rose"

Bette Middler

Byeong Wan Lee, Ph.D.








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