Celestial Wings of Prayer



Celestial Wings of Prayer


As softly as the dove doth fly

Across this land so free

As steadfast as a ship that sails

Across the tranquil sea.


As soothing as a summer rain

That falls upon the ground

As wondrous as a drop of dew

In morning light is found.


As tender as a baby's kiss

Upon a mother's cheek

As sturdy as a father's hands

Whose strength we often seek.


As lovely as a blooming rose

Upon a climbing vine

As steady as the heart that beats

Within this breast of mine.


As humble as a beggar's plea

Upon a listening ear

As caring as the one who kindly

Wipes away a tear.


As fragile as a new born colt

Who tries to find a way

As graceful as a stately swan

One fine September day.


As gentle as the rush of wings

Of angels bound in flight

As sacred as the eastern star

That shone one holy night.


As vital as the Book of Life

You'll find a refuge there

As precious as the the Lamb of God

The celestial wings of prayer.


Author/Written by:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Moon and Back Graphics


Danny Hahlbohm's Art




"Name of All Names"







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