The Masterpiece






The Masterpiece


My little boy came up to me

His face was full of pride

His eyes revealing lots of love

That came from deep inside.


I took the paper from his hands

He waited anxiously

Anticipation a response

To what he'd drawn for me.


As I carefully unfolded it

I searched the childish scrawl

Sorting out the bits and pieces

Of the things he tried to draw.


With eagerness, he pointed out

That's you standing over there

And there is Daddy with a smile

That I gave him to wear.


The pretty rose you're holding

I made it just for you

The sun was shining on a happy day

And sky was a baby blue.


The setting seemed so beautiful

With the butterfly in my hair

His drawing said, "I love you."

Though no words were written there.


The childish scrawl remains with me

Its impact goes untold

A cherished treasure in my soul

And worth its weight in gold.


His drawing spoke of many things

Indeed a work of art

For the masterpiece he'd drawn for me

Had been framed with his heart.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson








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