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She's Going Home



She's Going Home


Her aging hands are folded

As she sits in there in her chair

Another day spent all alone

And no one seems to care.


The years pass by so slowly

Her heart is filled with pain

Oh what she'd give to go back home

And see them once again.


Her name has been forgotten

The months have turned to years

Inside she's died a hundred times

And cried a million tears.


Someone is there to see her

She quietly waits inside

He gently beckons to her

Her arms are opened wide.


She wanted so to see Him

And called to Him each night

The emptiness has disappeared

For now He holds her tight.


The nursing home is silent

No ailing voices call

No med carts, pills or nurses

No wheelchairs in the hall.


Her aging hands are folded

The grace of God she's know

With eyes now closed in restful sleep

He comes to take her home.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson





Photo obtained at


Music: "The Rose" Bette Middler

Byeong Wan Lee, Ph.D.








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