November Winds






November Winds


November winds blow harshly

Across the frozen ground

Preparing for December snows

That soon will come around.


The trees stand barren against the sky

Stripped by autumn's chill

November stands so tall and cool

Her hours pass so still.


Crispy mornings, frost filled nights

The winter sun hangs low
The blue bird sings in quieter tones
As bitter north winds blow.

Blow if you must November winds
And let your fury swirl
Spread your arms out far and wide
Let nature's wrath unfurl.

Just because the earth is bare and gray
You needn't be so glum
You've chilled the air for winter wear
And snow will surely come.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson 









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California Dreamin

Mama's & Pappa's

Byeong Wan Lee, Ph.D.








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