A Simple Place in Time





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A Simple Place in Time


There was a time ~ Not long ago

Life was simple ~ Pace was slow.


Working father's ~  In their place

Mothers' home ~ Was full of grace.


She was there ~ To fill their cup

Teach them manners ~ Bring them up.


Kids were spanked ~ When they did wrong

Families sang ~ A different song.


Youth were taught ~ the golden rule

In the church ~ And in the school.


A time we knew ~ Our neighbors' name

Country folk ~ Down wooded lane.


There was a wrong ~ There was a right

Honest people ~ Didn't fight.


T.V. stations ~ Off a ten

Local news ~ Came on back then.


No C.D.s ~ And no Ipods

Just radios ~ And fishin rods.


No laptops ~ And no cell phones

Just happy families ~ Time alone.


The days of old ~ Have gone away

And men don't take ~ The time to pray.


War is raging ~ Hear the cries

Overseas ~ A young man dies.


Lots of crime ~ Out in the street

Trust is gone ~ In those we meet.


World is angry ~ People swear

Sin is found ~ Most everywhere.


There was a day ~ We knew no woe

But now our prisons ~ Overflow.


Life goes on ~ The pace is fast

The days of old ~ Will never last.


Unborn children ~ Silent cry

Laws are made ~ Why must they die.


Times are changing ~ Vows are too

Jack and John ~ Now say, "I do."


Bible sits ~ Upon the shelf

Every man ~ Is for himself.


Dust has gathered ~ On the Word

Book of God ~ Has gone unheard.


How I miss ~ So long ago

Life was simple ~ Pace was slow.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Silver & Gold Graphics















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