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Marty Kearney


L. to R. Marilyn Ferguson, Jean Keney & 'singer' Marty Kearney

The above photo was taken on Dec. 05, 2004 in Okeechobee, Florida.






In April 2004, Christian singer “Marty Kearney” contacted me when

he came across my poetry site through another link on the web.
He said the flow of the words was perfect and the music just fell
into place. He then asked if I would allow him to set some of my
poetry to music. I have met personally with both Marty and his
wife Jean on three different occasions in Illinois prior to my recent
trip to Florida in Dec. 2004. Once, they made a special trip to Illinois
to perform in a local church to see how well the congregation
received them. They were greeted with a very warm reception.

Marty and Jean would like to turn this venture into a full time
Christian music ministry, traveling across the U.S. performing in
churches and other organizations along the way. Currently, Marty
is a professional landscaper in the state of Florida and Jean manages
an apartment complex for the elderly.


To make a long story short, I drove 1,200 miles on a trip to meet with them 
personally in Okeechobee, Florida in Dec. 2004.  Several nights, I accompanied Marty
and Jean to the recording studio in Port Saint Lucie, FL. where Timothy
Gordon, Producer/Engineer/Musician helped Marty get my poetry recorded. 


Genelle Tennant

Genelle Tennant

Genelle Tennant  & Marilyn's Poetry

Singer Genelle Tennant & Marilyn's Poetry

Christian singer Genelle Tennant and I have been communicating for sometime now
 and she is currently in the process of setting some of my poetry to music. She intends
to put several of my poems to song and place them on her upcoming C.D.s.

Genelle's beautiful voice is a cross between Christian singer "Christie Lane" and
legendary country singer "Pasty Cline." I have told Genelle many times that her
voice sounds just like that of an angel.


Genelle told me that she is highly selective about the poetry/songs she dedicates
to music and I was elated when she informed me that I had written the type of
 material she was looking for.

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SPECIAL NOTE: October 24th, 2008
Due to health issues, Genelle has been unable to continue with this project.
She hopes that her health will improve to a point that she will someday soon
complete this music/poetry venture.


If you've never heard of Genelle .. you've surely heard of Leon McAuliffe,
 steel guitar player with Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys. In his latter years,
 Leon formed a band of his own and Genelle was invited to join the band
as one of the lead singers, and sang duets, solos, and back-up on Leon's last
album, titled "TAKE IT AWAY, LORD! .. with Leon and his All Christian Band"

Genelle was Nominated in 2003 Top 10 in the Following Categories:
Female Vocalist, New Female Vocalist, & Website of the Year
For The Artist Achievement Awards ~ CG Connection
Genelle's songs are gaining popularity among radio stations around the world.
 In addition to placing #5 on a nationwide Christian Music Chart of 200 and #19
 on a worldwide internet most played artist chart, Disc Jockeys are now playing
 her songs on radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Belgium, Africa,
Bulgaria, Scotland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Russia, France, Russia, and
Canada. She's recently been approached about a tour in Australia ... and
 invited to sing and teach Bible Studies at Bible Training Centers in Bulgaria,
 where a missions organization is ministering to and taking the Gospel
 Message to Gypsies and Turks.


In addition, Genelle owns and maintains a personal web site and has used
 several of my poems. Click the link below to view the newest page made with
one of my poems "Window of Yesterday." On this page, Genelle also makes
 mention of the fact that she intends to use my poetry to set to music with her
 newest C.D. coming out this year.


Window of Yesterday

Genelle's New Anointing

Genelle's Music Clips

Anointed Gospel Music

Hear the Songs

Her C.D.s

Genelle's Personal Website



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