A Diamond on Mother's Day






A Diamond on Mother's Day


Mother gently tucked me in

When I was just a tot

She always read me nursery rhymes

And sang to me a lot.


The years flew by and I did change

Through dolls and teddy bears

To make-believe parties on the lawn

And ribbons in my hair.


Time didn't stop, it moved along

A young teen, I'd become

With many friends, so much to do

And no time left for mom.


My high school days were just a blur

My senior prom, the dress

But through it all, my mom was there

To see I looked my best.


Then off to college, could not wait

I'd dreamed about this day

I didn't see my mother's tears

The day I went away.


Now far from home, I had it made

My prince came into view

Together we walked down the aisle

To start our lives anew.


My mom was there, she always was

To smile and send me cheer

But as before, she looked away

And gently wiped a tear.


Too much time has slipped away

The years, now gone for good

Oh, how my mother loved me so

She always understood.


On Mother's Day, she too, looks back

On all the childish things

My Barbie dolls and high-heeled shoes

The rouge and wedding rings.


But I must say one thing for sure

My mother sure does shine

More than the brightest diamond ring

And I'm so glad she's mine.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of

Tineke's Design




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