The Wellspring of Life



The Wellspring of Life


Oh Lord, I pray to quench this thirst

I lay my body down

Within the lovely flowing brooks

Where springs of life are found.


My mouth - it thirsts, my soul - it pants

For water from your well

Like lost sheep in the desert sand

In barren land, I dwell.


The sun beats down upon the stone

Your cistern must be full

I see the water, gleaming bright

In early morning lull.


Please let me taste the breath of life

A sinner, such as I

To lie beneath the cleansing tide

Immerse my lips, so dry.


I bid the pool of righteousness

To wash my spirit clean

And wipe away the stain within

Of many sins unseen.


Eternal life awaits me

I must surrender all

To enter in, I must begin

And hear God’s gentle call.


I pray to drink from waters deep

To know beyond a doubt

The only One, God’s precious Son

Can bring salvation out.


Author/Written By

Marilyn Ferguson

© 2005






Graphic was used with

the permission of

Angelia's Christian Graphics




Softly and Tenderly








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