The Final Hour





 The Final Hour


When the dew is on the roses

And the sun is sinking low

When the rain is softly falling

I may take the time to show.


When the winter snow is drfting

All across the frozen ground

When the world is lost in slumber

I may come without a sound.


When the autumn leaves are tumbling

Swirling softly through the air

When the north wind blows abruptly

I may come without a care.


When the lazy days of summer

Find a sultry afternoon

When the locusts start their singing

I may be coming back real soon.


When the world is filled with sunshine

And a rainbow lights the sky

When a springtime storm is brewing

I may come without a sigh.


When the prophsesy in Bible

Burst forth with all its power

When the trumphet has been sounded

I may come this final hour.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson





Graphic is used with

the permission of 

Until Then Graphics




"Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior"

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