Portrait of Jesus



Portrait of Jesus

Jesus is the Son of God
A blueprint for all men
A beam of light within the night
To bring the lost ships in.


He wasn’t known for gold and jewels
Nor did He strive for fame
But people came from miles away
When they would hear His name.


He wasn’t rich by any means
Not in the earthly way
But just the sound of his dear voice
Would brighten up the day.


His eyes were filled with holy light
As clear as crystal sea
Little children gathered round
To sit upon His knee.


His soul was draped in holiness
He had the faith of Job
A sense of healing came about
To all who touched His robe.


He didn’t walk in laced up shoes
His feet were often bare
One time a sinner washed them clean
And dried them with her hair.


His voice was not so debonair
But yet it told no lies
The wisdom that He did bring forth
Was honest, true and wise.


His hands were not like hardened steel
But yet they held our fate
They bore the burdens of this world
How could He bear the weight?


His ears did hear the haunting cries
Of sickly, poor and weak
Even lepers came to Him
He listened to them speak.


Jesus walked upon the earth
A gentle sort of guy
A portrait of the Son of God
Hangs up there in the sky.


Author/Written By:
©2008 Marilyn Ferguson





Graphic is used with the
permission of
Fortune Art Gallery




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