No Time for Jesus






No Time for Jesus


Time for some soccer

A concert or two

Golfing and shopping

A nice walk will do.


Time for some baseball

Down at the park

Hotdogs and dogs

Until it gets dark.


Time for some football

On the TV

Popcorn and apples

A cold glass of tea.


Time for some swimming

Down at the lake

Summer is here

Vacations to take.


Time for some parties

Friends will be there

Laughing and talking

Have not a care.


Time for some camping

Picnics are fun

Time to go hunting

Pick up your gun.


Time for some pleasure

Summer is here

Boating and skiing

Weather is clear.


Time to meet Jesus

He sees but a few

You didn't know Him

He doesn't know you.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson

© 2005







Painting is copyrighted by

Greg Olsen Art

It is illegal to use without

his consent.



Midi is performed and arranged

by David Handy.


for Little Church Music Ministry



"The Old Rugged Cross"

Little Church Music Ministry

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