Journey with Jesus





Journey with Jesus


I want to be with Jesus

As He traveled through this land

I want to sense His presence

Feel the touch of His kind hand.


I want to journey with him

As He healed the sick and lame

I want to see the leper

As the Saviour calls His name.


I want to see the blind man

As he gains his precious sight

I want to see the splendor

As he walks into the light.


I want to pray with Jesus

In Gethsemane that day

I want to whisper to Him

As the guards take Him away.


I want to comfort Jesus

As He's nailed upon that tree

I want to hang beside Him

As His spirit sets me free.


I want to fly with Jesus

As He's caught up in the sky

I want to go with Jesus

In a  twinkling of an eye.


I want to sit with Jesus

In that sacred holy land

I want to see the angels

In that chorus, big and grand.


I want to walk with Jesus

His hand, I long to hold

I want to tour that city

In that mansion made of gold.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson






Artwork is used with

the permission of

Danny Hahlbohm's Art




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