Jesus, Mighty Redeemer






Jesus, Mighty Redeemer

More than a prince
Who sits on the throne
With Jesus, my Saviour

I’m never alone.


More than a doctor
Who cures all my ills
He makes me complete
Without need of pills.


More than a teacher
With a Masters Degree
He gave me His word
And it set me free.


More than a potter
Who molds things all day
He formed my life
With a small piece of clay.


More than a father
Whose hands are so strong
He cradles me gently
When things have gone wrong.


More than a builder
Whose work is well done
He gives a foundation
That is second to none.


More than a broker
Who offers me stock
He gives me salvation
A piece of the rock.


More than a sculptor
A lawyer, a dentist
More then a banker
A judge, an apprentice.


More than a prophet
This Deliverer of men
Who came to this earth
And wiped away sin.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson






Graphic is used with

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Music: "Me and Jesus"

Heavenly Midis








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