Jesus, Captain of Life's Sea



Jesus, Captain of Life's Sea


I have a friend in Jesus

Who guides me through the gale

A first mate and a skipper

Who helps me to set sail.


He offers strength and guidance

A helmsman at the wheel

An ever-steady beam of light

A fortress made of steel.


He's the master of the ocean

My refuge and my rock

A harbor that I turn to

My anchor at life's dock.


He's a mighty sailing warrior

A helping hand indeed

A pilot through the churning waves

He meets my every need.


He's the One I always run to

When the waves won't let me be

The lighthouse that I turn to

On a rough and troubled sea.


He's a smoothly sailing vessel

A refuge from the storm

The gentle breeze that sends me to

An island, sweet and warm.


He's a brave and fearless skipper

A shelter from the heat

Water when I'm thirsty

A vessel filled with wheat.


He's a sure and steady sailor

My Captain on life's sea

No matter where I journey

He goes along with me.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Painting is used with

the permission of:

Our God Reigns Graphics


Danny Hahlbohm's Art




"On the Wings of a Dove"

Heavenly Midis







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