Cast Your Burdens on Him



Cast Your Burdens on Him


Do not worry about food or drink

Or about the things you'll wear

Is life not more than food and drink

See the birds up in the air.


They do not plant or harvest

Nor store food in the barn

But your heavenly Father feeds them all

And keeps them safe and warm.


Look at the lovely lilies

In the meadows where they grow

They do not want for anything

God cares for them I know.


He adorns them with such beauty

Tis there for all to see

Would he not go the extra mile

When it comes to you and me.


Don't worry about tomorrow

The best is yet to be

When you invite the heavenly Father

To come and dwell with thee.


Focus your eyes upon Jesus

And your problems will soon grow dim

When you go to the Father in prayer

And cast all your burdens on Him.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Painting is used with

the permission of

Penny Parker's Art




Music: "Our God Reigns"



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