The Hand of God






The Hand of God


May the new day bring you blessings

As the light comes filtering through

May your sunrise be as lovely

As a morning draped in dew.


May the wind blow forth a promise

Sending sweet bouquets your way

May life seem a little brighter

As you rise to greet the day.


May the daybreak render pleasure

As the birds begin to sing

May the distant roll of thunder

Bring forth a touch a spring.


May the mist embrace the silence

Like a firefly in the night

May an angel walk beside you

To hold you in the light.


May the rain caress you body

And life drops flood your soul

May His Spirit come upon you

To cleanse and make you whole.


May the showers come so softly

Running gently through your hair

May you touch the living water

And know that He is there.


May the freshness bring you new life

Pushing through the tender sod

May you pause to pick a flower

And touch the hand of God.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson






Graphic obtained from




"Wonderful World"







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