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One More River to Cross



One More River to Cross

I have crossed so many rivers
As I’ve roamed upon this earth
I have seen a world of wonders
I have known a baby’s birth.


I have scaled a mighty mountain
Walked in valleys down below
Stood in meadows filled with clover
Saw canyons filled with snow.


I have known the bliss of springtime
Smelled the roses on the vine
Seen the golden leaves of autumn
Tasted grapes upon the vine.


Felt the glowing warmth of sunshine
I have walked within the light
I have known the chill of winter
And a flock of birds in flight.


I have traveled to some countries
Took me far away from home
I have lost so many loved ones
So much sorrow, I have known.


I have used the gift of wisdom
Many lessons, I did learn
I have read the Holy Bible
For its truth, my mind does yearn.


I have stood within still waters
I have swam on troubled sea
I have faced a raging current
As I felt its pull on me.


I have known some years of splendor
In the many years gone by
But now, I’m old and feeble
And I’m not afraid to die.


I have lived a life of challenge
I’ve been tempted, turned and tossed
But a Lighthouse beckons to me
I have one more river to cross.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson




Painting is used with
the permission of

Lady Care Designs
Danny's Inspired Art



Music "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
Clay's Gospel Midi's








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