Depression Takes a Life



Depression Takes a Life


You don’t know how you hurt me
That sad and dreadful day
My heart just won’t quit aching
I don’t know what to say.


The tears I cry are endless

The pain cuts like a knife

Why did you go so quickly

The day you took your life?


My soul is filled with sorrow

That others cannot know

I often search for answers

Why did you have to go?


My world once bright and cheerful

Now hides behind a veil

The shock, the guilt, the anguish

Is more than I can tell.


I miss you every moment

It’s more than I can bear

This grief so ever present

Goes with me everywhere.


I looked to God for comfort

He gently touched my hand

He whispered words of wisdom

"Someday, you'll understand.”


I looked to God for answers

I gazed into His eye

He said that you were troubled

And that you chose to die.


Sometimes the mind gets jumbled

The thoughts drift far away

The brain, no longer lucid

Is twisted, dark and gray.


We often do not see it

It’s hidden from our sight

While others walk in sunshine

Depression rules the night.


While others seek out pleasure

Depression looks for pain

While others seek the sunshine

Depression finds the rain.


While others look for roses

Depression sees the thorn

When others seek out laughter

Depression makes one mourn.


Depression is a stalker

It takes the breath away

It zaps the joy of living

It darkens up the day.


But there is hope in Jesus

His Word is very real

It’s written in the Bible

His hand will surely heal.


Since Jesus died for sinners

He purged the sting of sin

Despair no longer lingers

When you give your life to Him.


You will surely find some solace

When you go to Him in prayer

As you yield your life to Jesus

You will find the answer there.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson






Graphic is used with
permission of
Until Then Graphics

Music: “Unchained Melody"







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