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I Lost My Friend to Cancer


~ Janis Witte~
October 3, 1952 - April 17, 2009

I Lost My Friend to Cancer


Dear friend, you cannot fathom
The love I had for you
You always gave compassion
To everyone you knew.


Your heart was full of kindness

Your soul was filled with peace

Your faith could not be shaken

Your light will never cease.


Your joy flowed like a fountain

Refreshing, everyday

So clean, so pure, so simple

Like rain that falls in May.


Your smile was like the sunshine

As fresh as any flower

A heart as big as Texas

As steady as a tower.


You praised God for each hour

For each and everyday

  You lived life to its fullness

  And took the time to pray.


So many acts of kindness

You spread throughout the year

A hug was always waiting

For those that you held dear.


You had a love for babies

And fuzzy kittens too

Unending love for family

And special friendships, too.


A husband, son and sisters

Just to name a few

So many other people

Now miss you like I do.


No longer do your emails

Come to my screen each day

Through all those years of writing

We always found a way.


You traveled through the valleys

Your eyes fixed on the sky

Like Job found in the Bible

You never questioned why


God took you to His mansion

What rejoicing there must be

When He took away your cancer

And He set your spirit free.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson








The above poem was composed by me
on May 06, 2009 following the loss of my best friend
to cancer. Janis Witte fought the good fight but
succumbed to breast cancer on April 17th, 2009,
two days before my 55th birthday.

It seems that I was unable to really break down and grieve
until I sat down to compose this poem. Everything
seemed so unreal to me; the visitation, the funeral, the burial.

The day they laid Janis’ body to rest, a very strong cold
wind was blowing, so strong in fact, that the eight pallbearers
were the only thing holding the tent down to keep it from
becoming airborne. I believe this was Janny’s way of letting us
know that she was like a strong wind and had her
sights set on the Promised Land. Like an eagle, Janis lifted
her heavenly wings, soaring away high into the sky where God
was waiting to welcome her into His kingdom where her infant
daughter, Amy Elizabeth would anxiously be awaiting her arrival along with
her mother and all those loved ones gone before her.
As I looked at her photo, God led me to select the song “Another You”
for background music. At that point I kind of lost it and the tears
began to flow. “I miss you, dear friend!"




Music: "Another You"









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