Fury of Hurricane Rita






Fury of Hurricane Rita


A hurricane is brewing

We've heard those words before

As Rita takes her vengeance

Upon the Texas shore.


Katrina was a monster

Took lives along the way

New Orleans, bright and shiny

Has now been swept away.


From the gulf of Mississippi

Where the river runs along

To the lone star state of Texas

Rita's big and growing strong.


She's filled with wrath and fury

Like no other, gone before

She slowly points her finger

Upon the Texas shore.


So many going inland

One must evacuate

To seek a waiting shelter

Before it is too late.


I still often wonder

If God from up above

Is seeking our attention

When pushing comes to shove.


Perhaps we did not listen

Perhaps we did not care

Perhaps He not hear us

Perhaps he did not dare.


For God in all His glory

Sees His children gone astray
Yearns for our attention

We choose to walk away.


Could it be that God is restless

As He swings His mighty rod

It's not the storm that chastens

But the mighty hand of God.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Photo is used with

the permission of:




Music :

"The Wayward Wind"

Sequenced by:

Allan Clapp








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