This Side of Heaven




This Side of Heaven March 2003


This Side of Heaven


We're on this side of heaven

But we won't be here too long

Passing like a summer breeze

In the lyrics of a song.


T'will be over before we know it

The years are slipping away

The days of youth have passed us by

Now part of yesterday.


The hands of time keep ticking on

Time has no sympathy

It never stopped for Jesus

It won't stop for you and me.


We do not know the hour in which

Our Master will call us away

To another dimension unknown to us

To live with Him one day.


Eternity awaits for us

But the gate's not very wide

Only a few will get to pass through

To live on the other side.


Now is the time to know Jesus

We must turn away from our sin

Cause we haven't made it to heaven yet

And Satan waits to take us in.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson






Graphic obtained at:

Cross Daily Christian Graphics



Music "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Herbert Holzbauer's Web Site








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