The Road





The Road


There's a road that lies between us

Paved out of solid gold

Its edges lined with diamonds

Wealth that goes untold.


God paved it through the death of Christ

Who died for you and I

Then Jesus blessed it with his blood

In which to sanctify.


Though we stumble in the night

Sometimes going astray

God lifts us back unto the path

To send us on our way.


The paths of life are many

Branching out like the limbs on a tree

But the path to heaven is clearly cut

Not cluttered with debris.


Forgiveness smoothes any ripples

The surface is sprinkled with love

Seeds of hope sprout up each side

Planted by hands from above.


One day we will come to the end of our road

Our trials and tribulations to weigh

To a paradise waiting at the end of time

On a hill that is so far away.


Though you upon uncharted ground

You must go that one extra mile

To lead the lost and forsaken

To the gates of God's heavenly aisle.


Author/Written by

Marilyn Ferguson







Painting is used with

the permission of

Artist Penny Parker




Music: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

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