Harvest Time is Near




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Harvest Time is Near


The chaff is being sorted
The harvest time is here
The end of time is coming
The rapture day is near.


We are heirs to His kingdom
Take time to have a look
The day of His arrival
Is written in God’s book.


The wheat is turning yellow
The Shepherd comes to reap
The grain is being gathered
He comes to claim His sheep.


Stand up and look around you
The signs are everywhere
The day of His arrival
Will spread throughout the air.


The sun is softly setting

Feel the shifting of the breeze

The fields are turning golden

Hear the rustling of the trees.


Look to the skies for Jesus
All things will be made new
Your toil on earth is finished
He’s coming back for you.

Put down that plow and chisel
There is no need to fear
Stand up and look around you
The harvest time is near.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson ©2005






Painting is used
the permission of:
Brush of the Wind Gallery

 Music: When the Roll is Called
Heavenly Midis






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