Light of Jesus on Halloween





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Light of Jesus on Halloween


Frost is on the pumpkin

Chill is in the air

Leaves are gently falling

Swirling here and there.


Many different faces

Costumes in the night

Gremlins, ghouls and goblins

Causing quite a fright.


Vampires in the darkness

Hobos in the street

Ghosts are ringing doorbells

Time for trick-or-treat.


Candles in the window

Faces all aglow

Painted little munchkins

Put on quite a show.


Full of tricks and sorcery

Warlocks in the night

Lamps are shining brightly

Makes for quite a sight.


Lots of spells and magic

Witches do appear

Riding on their broomsticks

Halloween is here.


They say that it is harmless

Nothing more than fun

But Satan won't surrender

Until his work is done.


Razors stuck in candy

Poison found in treats

Children must be wary

Of everyone we meet.


Wild and crazy parties

Hosted by adults

People bent on mischief

Belong to deadly cults.


Full of tricks and sorcery

Wander in the night

Dressed like little demons

Cannot see the light.


The evil that is lurking

Goes about unseen

Is covered up with candy

And all things in-between.


There is a world of darkness

That lurks within the night

Dungeons, ogres and dragons

Is not a pretty site.


We need to read the Bible

The scripture quoted there

The wicked way of pagans

Is found most everywhere.


Look to the light of Jesus

Past witches painted green

In little pumpkins all aglow

This year on Halloween.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson









Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Until Then Graphics





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