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Prayer for My Grandchild





Prayer for My Grandchild

We felt the need to write you
This note is filled with love
We soon will be departing
In flight just like a dove.

To the land that dwells up yonder
We wanted you to know
Our hearts are ever heavy
It’s hard for us to go.


So many things to tell you
Will never come to pass
Our final days are numbered
Just like the fleeting grass.


Our lives are full of knowledge
We want to pass along
Things to be remembered
When we on earth are gone.


We pray for God’s sweet mercy
To shield your tiny face
Gently lead and guide you
Shelter you with grace.


We pray for Godly wisdom
When tempted to the brim
We pray you’ll look to Jesus
And place your trust in Him.


We pray for gentle patience
When pushed beyond the brink
We pray that you’ll be different
Won't care what others think.


We pray for peace and kindness
When you go into the street
We pray that you’ll give mercy
To strangers that you meet.


We pray the door will open
When you seek the narrow way
We pray you’ll read the Bible
Till we meet again one day.


We pray for strength and valor
When the world leads you astray
We pray you’ll look to Jesus

The truth, the light, the way.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson





I received inspiration to write the above poem
when a lady named "Mary" age 75, contacted me
recently and told me that she had a granddaughter
named "Gemma" who is just 4 months old and they
realize that due to their ages, they will more than likely not live
to see their granddaughter grow up. She also told me that
Gemma would probably not remember them and
asked if God would lay a poem on my heart that could be
read to her later. I did compose the poem, but it was written
in a way that other grandparents can relate.

If you would care to email Mary
you may do so at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Graphic was used with

the permission of:

Moon and Back Graphics






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