Grandma's Willow Tree






Grandma's Willow Tree


Looking back and reminiscing

The way things used to be

I recall a little girl of nine

Climbing Grandma's willow tree.


Back into the country

Some quarter century ago

Running barefoot across the yard

Into the tree, I'd go.


Its branches held a sweet retreat

I'd ascend when in dismay

Oh, the hours I spent in that tree

To lose myself in play.


The tree was nearly perfect

Its willows touched the ground

Greenery hung like a curtain

And completely draped around.


The days I spent under its beckoning boughs

And moments it saw me through

Cherished times in a young girl's life

That years cannot undo.


What I'd give to go back again

To those untarnished years in time

To the fancies of a pigtailed girl

And the tree she left behind.


To be that little tomboy

With jeans rolled to the knee

To dream the dreams that she once dreamed

In Grandma's willow tree.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson









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