First Day of School



First Day of School


This morning, I softly opened your door

Reluctant to rouse you from sleep

Your blonde hair all tousled from a little boy's dream

And your body curled up in a heap.


For a stolen moment standing there at your door

My mind reached back into time

To a little blue bundle cuddled in my arms

And gentle hints of a nursery rhyme.


Was it not a mere yesterday

That you were learning how to walk

And I know that it was just yesterday

We were teaching you to talk.


But somehow, I managed to waken you

To your breakfast waiting there

I dressed you in your finest clothes

And I carefully combed your hair.


Oh little boy, I love you so

And I felt like such a fool

To be so hesitant to let you go

On your very first day of school.


Author/Written by

Marilyn Ferguson





Special Note:

The above photo is one my son when he was quite small.

Doug turned 34 years old in May 2016. He graduated from

college and received his Bachelors Degree Science in Psychology

in 2006. The poem is one I wrote about his first day of kindergarten

back in 1987. My, how quickly time does fly!

Where did the years go?




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