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2016 New Year's Prayer





A Prayer for New Year's Day 2012


It was the day before New Year's

When all through the night

The revelers were singing

With all of their might.


The fireworks were bursting

Straight in the air

In N.Y. and D.C.

And in Delaware.


The people were jolly

All filled with good cheer

In hopes it would bring them

A much better year.


There's Betty, so eager

To try out the gym

New diet, no candy

She hopes to be slim.


There's Hank still a smoking

At 12:00, he'll be done

He's no longer puffing

His race has been run.


There's Mary who's spreading

Bad gossip around

She will never again

Put good people down.


There's Jimmy who's talking

To manager Bob

He'll try a bit harder

And get that new job.


There's Kathy whose hours

Are spent with T.V.

Tomorrow she'll trade it

For hosting a tea.


There's Bobby  who's credit

Has put him in debt

Tomorrow, he'll change that

His bills will be met.


There are others who use up

Their time on the web

On Facebook and Twitter

And texting instead.


They all say tomorrow

Their promise will be

To change things forever

A New Years decree.


And then there is Janis

Who dropped to her knees

She's going to meet Jesus

This moment, she'll seize.


God offers great changes

He promises her life

With Him there beside her

He'll handle the strife.


She'll have fewer problems

With time spent in prayer

When she calls out to Jesus

She finds Him right there.


So on Bobby, on Kathy

On Jimmy and Mary

Please look to the Bible

There's no time to tarry.


The Saviour is waiting

To calm your worst fears

He'll hold to a promise

To dry up your tears.


God left you His Bible

His blueprint, so fine

He offers His Kingdom

A place so divine.


So you must be thankful

And you must be true

For this special New Year

He's given to you.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Until Then Graphics




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