Easter Lamb in Heaven






Easter Lamb in Heaven


It's Easter time in heaven

Christ sits upon the throne

His faithful sheep are gathered 'round

This palaced made of stone.


A rugged cross comes into view

Beyond the crystal sea

A sun-filled room, an empty tomb

A spectacle to see.


In heaven, God reminds us

The reason we are there

How Jesus hung upon the cross

Our burdens, He did bear.


In paradise on Easter

As far as one can see

Are scenes of Easter long ago

And how this came to be.


There is no toil or trouble

The wages have been paid

The walls are built with diamonds

The streets are lined with jade.


The pearly gates of heaven

Such beauty to behold

The sky is clear as crystal

The walks are paved with gold.


A rainbow stretches overhead

Sweet cherubs fill the sky

Angels sing and church bells ring

They lift their voices high.


There is no need of moon and stars

Where everything is bright

For all who dwell within this land

Are bathed in Holy Light.


Like brilliant prisms in the sun

And beams of colored hue

Somewhere beyone the universe

The Lamb of God shines through.


It's Easter time in heaven

And everything is grand

The only thing that's earthly made

Are the nail scars in His hand.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Heavenly Angel Graphics




"There's Just Something

About That Name"









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