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The Christmas Wish





The Christmas Wish


With his small hands clasped together

He kneeled beside his bed

Trying to wipe the tears away

This is what the small boy said.


Dear Lord, I miss my daddy so

He's been gone almost a year

And it's really hard on mom right now

Since Christmas Eve is here.


I do my best to help her

I've done the things I should

If you'll please bring me a puppy dog

I promise to be good.


I get to missing dad so much

Though I know he's there with you

I think a pup would cheer me up

And soothe me when I'm blue.


So, the little boy fell off to sleep

And drifted far away

He dreamt of fluffy puppy dogs

That chased him his play.


Then something strange awakened him

In the middle of the night

He felt a presence in the room

But no one was in sight.


The little boy looked all around

There was not a soul to greet

But a small and fluffy puppy

Curled up there at his feet.


Wishes really do come true

In his heart he felt so glad

The tag attached said simply

"To you dear son .... Love Dad.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson









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