The Invisible Stairway





The Invisible Stairway


An invisible stairway winds around

This earthly course of ours

Its path leads to the pearly gates

On past the distant stars.


The sacred stairs go to a home

That's bathed in holy light

And crystal skied are patronized

By angels dressed in white.


A wondrous place so full of grace

Ruled by the Shepherd's rod

Where Jesus holds the book of life

Before the throne of God.


Another stairway cold and grim

Goes just the other way

On past the point of no return

To a world so dark and gray.


This place is filled with chambers

Down in the pits of doom

A fiery blaze engulfs it all

And demons guard each room.


A world that has no mercy

A dungeon of despair

Where endless pain and torture reign

And brimstone fills the air.


An invisible stairway beckons us

A place we all must go

We can choose to rise to paradise

Or perish down below.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson






Graphic is used with

the permission of:

Designer Lady


Jim Warren's Art




Until We Meet Again







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