Camel Ride Through Life's Desert



Camel Ride Through Life's Desert


Past the scorching sun of noontide

Through the endless grains of sand

To the coolness of the evening

I will trek across this land.


Past the vastness of the desert

Through the barren land so wide

To the prickly thorn and cactus

I will journey on this ride.


Past the lowlands and the tundra

Through the plateau and the plain

To the peace that lay before me

I will journey on life's lane.


Past the reptile and the lizard

Through a creek that's running dry

To a tumbleweed that's blowing

I will lift mine eyes on high.


Past the mountains and the valleys

Through the searing heat of day

To the refuge that awaits me

I will slowly make my way.


Past the lone and empty wasteland

Through the wilderness, so deep

To the comfort of still waters

I will close my eyes in sleep.


Past the ridges and the canyons

Through a thousand miles or more

To the splendor found in heaven

I will reach that golden shore.


Author/Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Photo is used with

the permission of:

Roger's Camels




"Travel On"

Heavenly Midis







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