Book Ends of Life





Book Ends of Life


In life, we have two book ends

A beginning and an end

The things amid do fill the gaps

Whereby our lives do blend.


The volumes which are written

Reveals the light of men

The print upon the pages

Contain the breath within.


The chapters stack so neatly

Are bounded at the seams

And filled with aspirations

Our failures and our dreams.


The many happy chapters

Hold sorrow in-between

The valleys and the mountains

Are parts of life's great scheme.


The fiber of our being

Is glue that makes it stick

The text that fills the pages

Are choices we did pick.


It takes a set of book ends

To make one's life complete

The content comes together

When both the ends do meet.


One day upon completion

Our lives will be made whole

When Jesus reads our memoir

The mirror to our soul.


We cannot change the content

Once written, nevermore

It's stored amongst God's archives

Upon that golden shore.


Author/ Written By:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of:

ACWitness Graphics





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