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Splendid Years with Cayden





In Memory of Cayden Daniel Huels

Sept. 02, 2003 – Nov. 01, 2007

Splendid Years with Cayden


Cayden was a happy lad
He loved to jump and play
Just to see his gentle smile
Would brighten up the day.

His blonde hair glistened in the sun
 As he ran here and there
 Always busy, things to do
 He had but not a care.

 Cayden loved his brothers so
 They took him to the park
 Football, swimming, all day long
 Until the sky grew dark.


He was the youngest boy of four
 Oh how he liked to ride
 4 wheeling was quite the thing
 He loved to be outside.

 Josh and Jordon, Janson too
 Would go to Illinois
 With little Cayden right behind
 The house filled up with boys.
 Grandma Phyllis, Grandpa too
 The time with them was great
 Tractor riding, horses too
 He could hardly wait.


  Peaches was a special dog
 Who lived on Grandpa’s farm
 He loved to chase her round the yard
 As Peaches grabbed his arm.


 Grandma Jean was special too
 Much to his delight
 She would let him stay up late
 When he would spend the night.


 Cayden waited every night
 What special times they had
 T.V. time was at its prime
 Watch “Super Man” with dad.


 Computer whiz at four years old
 He found fun games to play
 He couldn’t wait to go to school
 Like brothers did each day.


 His favorite toy was Baby Tad
 He took it everywhere
 At bedtime when he fell asleep
 They saw it laying there.


 Cayden’s gone to heaven now
 No longer does he hide
 For angels keep an eye on him
 They’re walking by his side.


 No 4-wheelers or Baby Tad
 No swimming with the boys
 No playing football at the park
 No laughter and no noise.


 No tiny footsteps in the hall
 No book bag by the door
 God took him one November day
 When he was only four.


 He’s living like a little prince
 Above this early sod
 He’s walking with the King of Kings
 His Super Man is God.


 Author/Written By:
 Marilyn Ferguson







 The above photo is one taken of young Cayden and happens
 to be his mom's favorite. She loaned the photo to me so that
 I could scan it and place it on my website. Cayden's
 grandmother, a personal acquaintance and local resident
contacted me last year and asked me to compose a personalized
poem about her grandson whom resided in Florida
 with his parents and three older brothers.


 Cayden was the youngest. He was outside playing in the yard
 when one of his brothers threw a baseball. Unfortunately,
 little Cayden walked right into the path of the ball and it
 struck him in the chest and took his life.


 The elder brother received counseling to help deal with
 this unfortunate accident involving his younger brother.
 Cayden's grandmother "Phyllis" & his mother "Sheri"
 have agreed to allow me to post their email addresses
 with the poem, so that others may contact them if
 they so desire.


E-mail Cayden's mom Sheri

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-mail Cayden's grandmother ~ Phillis

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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