Soldier in God's Army

Dustin Scott Colby


Soldier in God's Army

As I look down from heaven
And I see you standing there
Your hearts are heavy laden
With more pain than you bear.


Please know how much I love you
And I think of you up here
There’s a special place within me
For the one’s I hold so dear.


Let thoughts of me sustain you
Till we meet again one day
In a paradise so lovely
In God’s kingdom far away.


I care for you, dear family
Much more than you could know
But, I felt God beckon to me
And I knew that I must go.


I have a peace so tranquil
Everyday that passeth by
I send a hug to mother
And I ask her not to cry.


To my precious little Cayla
Daddy’s watching from above
He sends to you an angel
To shelter you with love.


To Seth, my only brother
And little sis, Nicole
The times we spent together
Have served to make me whole.


Hello to Uncle Gary
I’m really doing fine
To cousins Lance and Tony
I’m having quite a time.


To Jason, my dear uncle
The battle has been won
Just like the words you painted
In orange letters “Get er Done.”


Tell my buddies that I miss them
And I think of them each day
I saw their saddened faces
On the day I went away.


Six were extra special
A friendship rare and true
To the point of going AWOL
For my funeral, they came through.


A special word of comfort
To my grandma “Mary Lou”
Each time you find a penny
I am sending thoughts to you.


On the day you heard the phone ring
And you thought that it was me
I was calling you long distance
From beyond the crystal sea.


I thank you for the bedroom
You designed it just for me
But remember when you enter
That my soul has been set free.


I have no need of T.V.
I don’t even need a bed
There is no night or darkness
By “The Light” I’m being led.


A month before my passing
In July, two thousand-four
I gave my life to Jesus
As I’ve never done before.


Memories, how they linger
Each time I take a breath
But the journey has been worth it
And I have no fear of death.


Life on earth was different
So much violence all around
I’ve left it all behind me
For the mansion, I have found.


I’m a soldier now in heaven
And I knew I’d “Get er Done”
For I walk amongst the angels
I’m an heir to God’s son.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson






The above poem was written exclusively for

 the family of "Dustin Scott Colby" and especially

 for his grandmother, "Mary Lou Wood" who

 requested that I compose this poem.