My Son Lives in Paradise




My Son Dwells in Paradise&Irene's& Baxter


My Son Lives in Paradise


The dust has settled on the things

That I have stored away

A favorite toy, for little boy

A jar of dried out clay.


A photograph when you were young

Sits quietly on the shelf

Thoughts of you come drifting back

I just can't help myself.


A drawing that you made for me

When you were very small

Is framed within this heart of mine

And hangs upon the wall.


 A scrapbook lies within the room

Where you once laid your head

Your favorite book, a model car

The pillow on your bed.


I miss you coming home from school

"Hey mom, "it's me, I'm home"

I miss the little words and hugs

The special times we've know.


A part of me just disappeared

The day you went away

An empty space now fills my heart

There are no words to say.


A closet filled with memories

Of happy days gone by

A baseball cap and souvenir

Why did you have to die?


The trophies that you won at school

Stand proudly on display

Your many friends can't understand

Why God called you away.


I hear your voice within the halls

It echoes in the night

I see you in the evening mist

And in the morning light.


So many things you left behind

Are now a memory

But little arms that held me tight

Will always stay with me.


An empty space now fills my heart

My boy, my child, my son

You've gone into another world

Where golden dreams are spun.


I do not know the answers

It's not for me to know

But I will know the truth one day

Just why you had to go.


My turn will come to leave this world

I'll gaze into your eyes

God's perfect plan will be revealed

Up there in paradise.


Author/Written by

Marilyn Ferguson






Graphic is used

with the permisson


Irene's Graphics


Mary Baxter St. Clair



Music: "You Gave Me a Mountain"

Heavenly Midi's






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