My Daughter Walks with Jesus






My Daughter Walks with Jesus


The doctor's voice was heavy

His words chilled to the bone

Your little girl won't last the day

Tonight, you'll be alone.


I hurried to her bedside

Her body pale and weak

She told me that she loved me

I kissed her tiny cheek.


My child was quickly fading

I held her trembling hand

She said, "You mustn't cry for me

Someday you'll understand.


Today, I dreamt of angels

Who carried me away

To the holy land of Jesus

God talked to me today.


I held her, oh, so gently

She slowly passed away

My tears continued falling

On her gown that dreadful day.


For years, I nursed my anger

Consumed by endless grief

I even hope that I might die

To bring about relief.


In a lonely cemetery

By her grave, one wintery day

I was sadly placing flowers

And felt the urge to pray.


As I knelt beside her gravesite

I felt a breath of spring

The sky lit up with angels

What comfort it did bring.


A voice broke through the silence

It brought about release

My little daughter spoke to me

My soul was filled with peace.


Her words were sweet as honey

She said, "I didn't die

For now, I live with Jesus

So, mommy please don't cry."


My daughter dwells in heaven

Of that, I can be sure

For today she walks with Jesus

He's taking care of her.


Author/Written by:

Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

the permission of

Agraphica Graphics


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