My Child Has Been Set Free





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My Child Has Been Set Free


Daughter hold a special place

That nothing can replace

Their smiles can chase the blues away

And brighten up a face.


Joys we’ve known, a special day
Shared between us two
Secret talks and peaceful walks
Just to name a few.


Times of reminiscing
The day you learned to crawl
Looking through the photos
I’ve always kept them all.


But one sad day, the phone did ring
It tore my world in two
A voice came on the other end
“I have bad news for you.”


The precious girl, I loved so much
Was quickly leaving me
So many things we might have known
Will never come to be.


Thoughts of her are everywhere
I cannot let her go
But somewhere up in heaven
A star does softly glow.


She sees a Joy unknown to me
Her face is full of Light
They walk into the Promised Land
God holds her hand so tight.


Just as the shifting sands of time
Flows gently out to sea
Here today and gone tomorrow
My child has been set free.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson








Graphic is used with

the permission of

Angels Designs


artist "Detha Watson"




Music: "You Are My Special Angel"

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