Memories and Sunshine




Memories and Sunshine

The day was cold and dismal
There were no songs to sing
Until children's laughter filled my ears
And I began remembering.


I remembered when I was young
And I got hurt during play
I'd run to my parents with outstretched arms
And they'd kiss the hurt away.


I grew a little bit older
I hadn't forgotten that year
A wreck had taken my best friend's life
Dad and Mom had wiped my tears.


Then graduation from high school came
With so many different things
There were hugs and tears from Mom and Dad
And a time to try my wings.


My wedding day was close behind
I nervously strolled the aisle
The fear that caused my heart to pound
Was eased by Daddy's smile.


The doctor sort of frightened me
I'd soon be giving birth
Mom assured it was a miracle
The greatest thing on earth.


I was feeling ill one day
With no one else at home
My parents dropped by unexpectedly
So I wouldn't be there alone.


When Father passed away one night
I wished that I'd been bolder
But Mom's strength was ever near
So I cried upon her shoulder.


When dear loving Mother left
I searched the pouring rain
I prayed to God to give me peace
And take away the pain.


A hand reached out, the skies cleared up
I recall it now and then
And today those laughing children
Brought the sunshine back again.


Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson








The above photo is one I took of my

 son playing in the leaves with
neighbor children just outside our former

 home located in Illinois in the year 1988.

 Doug is the little blonde haired boy. The other children

 with him were next door neighbors, Robin

 and Stacy White and Zackery Hymnes.


Music "Sounds of Silence"









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