Just a Breath Away






Just a Breath Away

 Look for me in springtime

As raindrops fill the air

In the splendor of a rainbow

You'll find my presence there.


You will find me in the fragrance
Of April’s sweet perfume
Drifting through the clover
On a sultry day in June.


An August day will find me
Upon the summer breeze
On the distant sound of the thunder
In the gently swaying trees.

In the golden fields of harvest
Is where I can be found
As autumn time approaches
And leaves comes tumbling down.


In the wintertime when days are short
And chill is in the air
Just look into a moonlit night
You’ll find me lingering there.

When the setting sun has gone away
And shadows fill the night
When the cloak of darkness lifts its veil
I’ll be your morning light.


So when you feel discouraged
Get on your knees and pray
You’ll feel me there beside you
I’m just a breath away.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson







Graphic is used with

 the permission of

Angel Heart Creations


Music: "I Believe"
Heavenly Midis







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