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Fisherman in Heaven





Fisherman in Heaven


Born on May the thirty-first

In nineteen forty-seven

The ticking clock, young Kerry Mock

Would start his trek to heaven.


An earthly span of 60 years

Left Chicago when quite small

Atlanta bound, the life he found

Was really worth it all.


We met one day in eighty-one
And dated many years
In ninety-three, it came to be
Our wedding day was here.


We tied the knot on New Year’s Day
Intent to start it right
I found my way to church again
Was guided by The Light.


We both were raised in Christian homes
But each of us had strayed
“Please let Kerry come to church”
Are the words that I had prayed.


My faith was strong, it wasn’t long
This blessing came to be
My wish came true, into the pew
My husband sat with me.


Kerry loved a challenge
To prove he was the best
“Outcasts Bass & Fishing Club”
Would put him to the test.


One autumn day, he said to me
He’d be back in awhile
I worried so, more than you know
For this, the final trial.


“I’ll be okay,” I heard him say
His fishing day began
I always told him, “Take the Lord”
He said to me, “I am.”


Unknown to me, how could I know
That this would be the day
The Lord above, in His great love
Would take my spouse away.


Kerry gave me special things
Oh how my mind does drift
The pretty birthday card and meal
The Valentine and gift.

I remember Vegas trips
The visits to my brother
Niagara Falls, the time we spent
Was special, like no other.

Cancun Mexico, not forgot
Memories, how they linger
The tackle box you left behind
The ring upon my finger.

Through thick and thin, the times back then
I’ll never find another
And through it all, with every flaw
We always loved each other.

Sometimes when I go fishing
It feels as though you’re there
I talk to you, so tenderly
The wind blows through my hair.

And suddenly it happens
A fish jerks on my line
I hear your voice so clearly
A chill goes up my spine.

A fisherman in heaven
God hooked my biggest prize
He gently lured you safely home
Up there in paradise.

Author/Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson







 Special Note:

This poem was composed exclusively for

 Renee Mock in memory of her husband "Kerry"

who died while fishing during the fall of 2007. 


Click link below to email Renee 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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